New Coastal Revival Fund will boost local coastal economies offering opportunities to new businesses and existing firms keen to grow.

Grants will be used to get restoration projects underway by funding initial work, supporting communities looking to unlock the potential of those hard-to-tackle buildings, facilities and amusements such as piers, lidos and proms.

The fund will support projects that demonstrate the creativity, enterprise and passion needed to help seaside towns become year round destinations that people want to live and work in.

Seaside areas will also receive support from new Coastal Community Teams. More than £1 million will be provided for 110 teams who will create a long-term vision and strategy for their area to tackle the specific challenges their coastal town faces. Each Coastal Community Team will be awarded £10,000 to establish themselves and will receive advice and support from the Coastal Communities Alliance.

Communities will be able to bid for a share of the new heritage fund to tap into the potential local heritage has to benefit the surrounding economy and wider community.

 Click here for further information about the fund details of how to apply to be a Coastal Community Team and further information about the Coastal Revival Fund will be published shortly. If you would like further information on these schemes in the short term or to register your interest, please email