Coastal West Sussex

Setting the scene: identifying the challenges and opportunities that bring us together

Setting The Scene

Created in March 2020, this white paper has been created for the CWS Partnership to bring into focus the challenges and opportunities facing our coastal economy.

The paper celebrates the individual identities and specific needs of our coastal towns whilst also identifying some of the opportunities and challenges that bring us together.

Our Vision

Our economic plan sets out our ambitions for the Coastal West Sussex economy and identifies actions that the Partnership will take to support the vision already agreed for the broader area, creating an area:

  • Where businesses will want to locate and grow, with a thriving economy supporting a wide range of employment opportunities, high quality, commercially viable sites and a high level of skill and education attainment;
  • Which offers a choice of housing to meet the changing needs of the population, with access to a decent home for everyone;
  • Which is easy to travel around, with excellent transport links both around Greater Brighton and Coastal West Sussex and to major destination in the wider South East;
  • Where high quality digital communication plays a key role in supporting the way we live and do business;
  • Where residents, businesses and visitors continue to benefit from Greater Brighton and Coastal West Sussex’s high quality natural environment; and
  • Where each town continues to play a different role with it’s distinctive character, opportunities and ‘sense of place’.