Currently standing at 120 metres high, the Brighton i360 tower is now officially the tallest building in Sussex. The i360’s chief executive Eleanor Harris recently announced the milestone. The tower which is set to become a popular tourist attraction is still under construction and on track to open next summer. There is just 50 metres of the i360 left to build and it will eventually stand at 162 metres tall when it is complete.

Eleanor Harris commented: “The i360 is now the tallest structure in Sussex: taller than Shoreham Power Station, which previously was the tallest structure, and Sussex Heights in Brighton & Hove, which was the tallest building, and other famous landmarks such as Chichester Cathedral and the Gatwick Air Traffic Control tower.

“Up close the tower is an incredibly elegant and beautiful piece of architecture, soaring up into the sky and it will be fantastic to see the tower revealed in all its glory when the square jacking tower, used to build the tower, is removed.”