CWS Partnership Board commissioned a study to understand the potential implications for businesses and residents of having or not having a 2nd runway at Gatwick Airport.  The report focuses on the local and sub-regional economic and employment impacts for the Coastal West Sussex area.  Click here to read the full report.

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership Board have pledged a statement of support for Gatwick Airport’s Second runway from the potential economic benefits the expansion could bring to the Coastal West Sussex Area.

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership Board supports Gatwick Airport Ltd’s proposals to develop a second runway at Gatwick Airport because of the economic and employment benefits that this will bring to the area.We look forward to working closely with Gatwick Airport Ltd to ensure the detailed proposals achieve the best outcomes for Coastal West Sussex’s businesses and residents whilst minimizing the impact on the environment”

It should be noted that this is the view of the CWS Partnership and not an endorsement by each partner authority as each authority will need to decide its position in due course. 

Still an opportunity to give your opinion on the expansion at Gatwick Airport

The consultation period runs up to February 3rd 2015 and recommendation to the government will be made by the Chair of the Commission, Sir Howard Davies, after the May 2015 election. He will have considered the shortlisted options of a second runway at Gatwick or a third runway at Heathrow and the public will be able to review the results in a detailed published document.

For details on how to view Commission’s document and have your say, please visit:

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