“Because the very best time to tell someone about what you can do for them.., is when they have just realised that you are what they need!”

This is a carefully designed business to business trade networking event where participants work together to identify how to best take their business forward. Far from conventional networking this event uses sound science to significantly create a highly effective and fun experience. this approach significantly improves the impact networking can make.
This event uses the ambigo method, which is founded on nudge theory, positive psychology, nlp and reciprocity theory. Participants are guided to focus as individuals and as small groups – working up into the whole team. Doing so they make pertinent and effective use of the skills and capabilities of everyone present; leading to bespoke peer-to-peer support to your business.

Who is this event for?

This is a co-creation event. if networking with the intention of building a strong and supportive business community is one of your preferred ways of working then this event is for you.

This event will enable participants to really get to know other businesses; their motivations, their needs and their unique offer to others. Whilst business to business sales are an inevitable outcome of this event, our goal is far greater. we will help you build strong and long lasting relationships, and even partnerships into the future.