While the Government considers proposals for increasing airport capacity at London Gatwick Airport, the economic impact on Coastal West Sussex and surrounding areas is in the spotlight.  In 2013 West Sussex County Council announced its support in principle for the expansion of Gatwick Airport including a second runway. Although they are aware of the environmental and infrastructure concerns Councillors believe that expansion will be of benefit to the West Sussex economy.

Gatwick Airport already delivers significant economic benefits to its surrounding economy and generates jobs both on and off the airport that directly relate to its operations. It also acts as a magnet for inward investment including Foreign Direct Investment. The airport is competing with Heathrow for a new runway.

In a recent statement Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive of Gatwick Airport, said: “Expansion at Gatwick would ensure London can effectively compete with its European neighbours and provide essential air links that the UK needs to both established and emerging markets.”

The consultation period for the public to express their views on the prospect of a second runway at Gatwick ended in May. The consultation findings are being given to an independent analysis company and then to the Airports Commission who are expected to make a final recommendation to central government on the location of the next runway in summer 2015.