Earlier this month Adur and Worthing council released their Surf’s Up report which lays out a series of ambitious plans for the next two years. It could see the Coastal West Sussex area benefiting from up to 5,000 jobs being created and 136,000 sq m of business space as part of plans to regenerate the two areas.

The report, which follows on from the earlier Catching the Wave plan, was endorsed by the Joint Strategic Committee at the beginning of December, with six monthly reports to be sent to councillors on its progress.

It outlines a series of commitments, with a timeline for delivery and includes speeding up development projects with the regeneration of 15 key sites; setting up a business group for the area’s top firms to provide a voice and stimulate debate and establishing superfast broadband in the area.

The Councils chief executive Alex Bailey wrote in the report that it was a serious statement of intent made to businesses, residents and communities. Last week The Argus newspaper reported him as saying: “We strive to make Adur and Worthing a unique and world class business and visitor destination where business ambition is supported, not hindered.

“We will attract and secure private sector developers to deliver the much needed new homes, jobs, leisure and cultural facilities and business premises that will ensure that Adur and Worthing is the leading economy along the Coastal West Sussex.”

Other proposals in the Surf’s Up report include a new approach to tourism, complete with developing new parking and seafront strategies and commitments to submit planning applications for the development of Teville Gate and Union Place in Worthing in 2015. 

In Adur, the report sets out to pledge to secure private development of the civic centre in Shoreham in the first quarter of 2015, sign off a land deal for Shoreham Airport later in the year and draw up plans to relocate key businesses at Shoreham Harbour to free up regeneration sites.

Both councils are also hoping to build 7,000 new homes in the next 10 years, which could lead to generating up to £10m additional council tax revenue.

Where Catching the Wave set the strategic direction for Adur and Worthing Councils, the Surf’s Up report is the tactical follow up to guide the Councils’ work over the next two years, delivering projects which will have a significant, lasting and positive benefit to the two communities.