The popular online jobs board, which includes, is celebrating its five year anniversary. To mark the achievement the Sussex based business has merged it regional jobs boards and launched a new ‘super website’ which will allow it to compete alongside leading national and international recruiters. As stake holders in the ‘pathway steps to success‘ section of the website, the Coastal West Sussex Partnership is delighted with the developments.

Over the last five years the company has grown from a single website for the Brighton and Hove job market to a family of jobs boards supporting employers and jobseekers in CWS and across the South East. Now the regional jobs boards have been merged to create a single website the company is in a position where it can expand, while staying true to its regional focus.

Gary Peters, Chief Executive of, says that the new site has real benefits for users. “Our old websites have served us well for the past five years, but technology continues to develop and we want to give our clients the advantage of the most current tools, which will make the site much easier and more straightforward to navigate. There are new features like the CV database where employers can browse CVs that potential candidates have uploaded.

“Thanks to improved SEO, the new site will attract greater volumes of traffic so there will be more jobs advertised and more potential candidates looking for them, benefiting employers and jobseekers alike.”