A Great Story To Share

Celebrating the stories of businesses operating throughout Coastal West Sussex

Coastal West Sussex businesses and organisations have great stories to tell. Be inspired by a few of these below.

Edgcumbes: Pivoting During The Pandemic

The independent family-run coffee roaster and tea merchant based near Arundel, until 2019 sold the majority of its goods directly to the hospitality industry. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Edgcumbes pivoted their business model from predominately business-to-business to business-to-consumer. Read more here.

Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Kelp Restoration Project

A pioneering marine re-wilding project, The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project, has launched to restore almost 200 square kilometres of lost kelp forest along the coast of Sussex. Historically, kelp was abundant along the Sussex coastline. But this important habitat has diminished over time. Read more about their project here.

A Beacon For Business Relocation

Demand for industrial and logistics space has remained strong as businesses seek larger premises and warehouses to allow for social distancing and meet the demand of online retail sales. According to recent figures, the availability and cost of commercial space in the Coastal West Sussex region is unrivalled locally, offering untapped potential for business and an advantage for the local economy. Read more here.

Businesses in Coastal West Sussex Showcase Innovations To Meet Pandemic Challenges

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership, which sits at a key intersection between local business and the public sector, asked its members, including Ricardo, Nordell, Fox & BearAllergy Therapeutic, how they have adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic.