Innovation & Partnership

Driving a brighter future for Coastal West Sussex

Innovation & Partnership within Coastal West Sussex

In March 2021, we asked some of our partners what they felt would be the challenges and opportunities for the economy as we emerge from Brexit and the pandemic. These insights helped us, as an economic partnership, consider the right connections and interventions to ensure the coastal economy can prosper.

We identified 5 themes which, with the right support, can take us forward into a brighter future:

These are:

1 | Digital and physical infrastructure – improving connectivity across and beyond the coastal area

2 | Space – making the best use of land to provide good quality homes and employment space

3 | Skills – raising aspirations to learn new skills for the jobs of the future

4 | Promotion of the region (including culture and the visitor economy) to attract visitors, investors and new businesses to the area

5 | Sustainable growth – promote, encourage and enable activities that help address the climate change crisis

Read our full report here.