Chichester-based medical company Deltex have seen half year revenue approach £2.9m according to figures published from its interim report.

The report (which takes into account revenues during the six month period ending 30th June 2017), found that revenue was up 7% based on the same period in 2016, with gross margin increasing to 76%.

The group’s cash operating loss reduced by 57% to £0.6m, down from £1.4m from January-June 2016.

Nigel Keen, Deltex Medical’s Chairman, commented:

“In the first half of 2017, Deltex Medical increased its sales, improved its margins and reduced its costs. We are therefore substantially on course to reach our key short-term objective of moving through the operating cash break-even point.

“The Company entered the traditionally stronger second half with sales traction in its US and international businesses, a difficult but improved UK trend and the prospect of incremental returns from investments made in product development.

“The move from a single to a multiple technology platform increases significantly the Company’s marketing, commercial and strategic options.”