Rampion 2 could generate clean, green electricity for the equivalent of over 1 million homes and offset around 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 every year, in addition to what Rampion already provides. It can make a significant contribution to tackle climate change and meet Government targets to quadruple the UK’s offshore wind capacity by the end of the decade. On Thursday 14 January, we are launching the first of two consultations, seeking feedback from local communities on our initial proposals. Visit our website www.rampion2.com  to view further information about the project and then take a tour of our Virtual Village Hall exhibition (both go live online tomorrow), where you can study maps and charts, watch a video flying over the onshore cable route options, find out how the operating Rampion Wind Farm was built and book a virtual meeting with members of the Project Team.  The Rampion 2 team would very much welcome feedback on our initial proposals so that they are aware of all local issues, concerns and constraints as they prepare more detailed proposals for a second consultation in late spring.  You can submit your views in an online feedback form during your visit to the Virtual Village Hall exhibition, at any time during the consultation period being held from 14 January to 11 February 2021.