Coastal West Sussex’s population growth, location and competitive cost base means that it is an area of great opportunity for residents and businesses.

Wage rates and labour costs are extremely competitive and represent potential cost savings to employers; add to this average house prices that are significantly lower than many other parts of the South East (£327,568 in Coastal West Sussex* compared to £391,316 in nearby Brighton and Hove* and £693,505 in London*) and Coastal West Sussex is an ideal place for businesses to relocate to and residents to thrive.  

The area offers a wide range of commercial property options as well as design and build opportunities. Our office space is, on average, just 50% less than nearby city, Brighton and Hove.

“With competitive labour costs, lower house prices and a variety of commercial space options,” Coastal West Sussex is a competitive cost base for businesses,” Coastal West Sussex Director Caroline Wood says.

“And as officially the sunniest spot in the UK, according to the Met Office, enjoying 1,902 hours of sunshine every year, West Sussex really is a wonderful place to live.”

If you are already doing business in West Sussex, or are based elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can help you. From setting up a new operation, to relocating the business, or starting a new enterprise, we will work with you to understand your business requirements, and help connect you to the right contacts and opportunities.

Please contact Caroline Wood for further information:

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*Rightmove 2017