“Recent plans presented to the Coastal West Sussex Partnership by National Highways regarding the planned improvements to the A27 in Lancing and Worthing were less than impressive to say the least. Only one option would result in any real benefit, and it was out of budget at £27m against the £20m that has been ringfenced for the work.

“To add insult to injury, we’re now being told that all traffic schemes along the coast are to be paused due to reduced public finances and we won’t get movement until 2025 at the earliest on the planned improvements in Arundel.

“We have been left feeling like the poor relation to other areas, missing out on funding to address critical need for transport improvements, without which our economic is severely restricted, and it will harm the prospects for our businesses and residents alike.

“We need to face up to two key issues preventing real progress: we need a sensible conversation with the South Downs National Park regarding the future of the A27 across the whole coastal area as the lack of progress and investment into transport infrastructure is casting a shadow over the sustainable economic future of our region, and our government are too focused on the red wall in the North to the detriment of Sussex and the south. Our voice is not being heard in Westminster. 

“Our community needs to address these key issues.”

Henry Powell, Chairman of the Coastal West Sussex Partnership
Henry Powell, Chairman, Coastal West Sussex Partnership