Championing the need to raise the quality of jobs and the skills level of the local people

The Coastal West Sussex area will need to raise the quality of its jobs and the skills level of its local population if it is to broaden and strenghen its economic base.

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership is encouraging business leaders to work collaboratively and build connections with schools, Further Education and Higher Education institutions to develop relevant education and skills programmes and employment pathways for young people and adults to meet the needs of the economy.

The Skills Challenge

  • In Coastal West Sussex, the working age population aged 16 64 is significantly less well qualified than in the comparator areas.
  • The percentage of the workforce qualified at NVQ levels 1+,2+, 3+ and 4+ has been consistently lower in Coastal West Sussex over the 2014 to 2018 reference period with the exception of level NVQ1+, the lowest level.
  • However even on this lowest measure, Coastal West Sussex’s workforce is now less well qualified than the comparator areas.
  • Adur is the lowest ranked local authority district in Coast to Capital at all levels of qualification (12th out of 12) while Arun, Chichester and Worthing remain consistently in the bottom half.
  • Coastal West Sussex has a higher percentage of its workforce with no qualifications at all, a total of 17,000 people of working age.

These challenges will make people less equipped for employment in new and more technically advanced industries so collectively we need to do more to improve the skills level and educational achievement that is currently prevalent across the coastal area.

Through the CWS Skills and Enterprise group, we bring together interested organisation and education providers to work together to raise the aspiration to learn new things.

Learning Resource Centre at the University of Chichester (Bognor Regis Campus), part of a multimillion pound investement into the Bognor Regis Campus.

Business Support

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Skills for the Workforce

Find out more about the work across Sussex which is encouraging STEM subjects into Schools. Coastal STEMfest is a vibrant celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths STEM, inspiring the inventors, creators and scientists of the future.

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CWS Jobs

If you’re looking to work in the Coastal West Sussex area you can find up to date vacancies here at Love Local Jobs


STEaM- The case for Action


 A great improved performance on STEaM skills is required if we are to achieve our ambition for the coastal economy to match the performance of the wider region. The Coastal West Sussex economy has many technology–intensive businesses which need these skills but research shows that the local workforce is less highly skilled than that of surrounding areas. This affects our area’s economic performance as well as our ability to support expanding businesses and compete for inward investment with other more highly skilled areas.

Lack of STEaM skills also means many of our residents miss out on the proven economic rewards that high-skills, high value STEaM jobs bring.

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Enterprise in Education

A report by NAIRNE

Development Opportunites

There are key sites across the area ready for development