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Our responsibilities and what we do

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Focusing on the strategic issues, the Coastal West Sussex Partnership brings together leaders and senior officers from business, education institutions and the public sector to work collectively on economic issues that affect the coastal area.

Coastal West Sussex is one of the most beautiful and prosperous areas in South East England and is home to a large number of significant businesses across a broad range of industrial sectors.

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership is one of 5 Area Partnerships that works with Coast to Capital, the Local Enterprise Partnership for Brighton and Hove Croydon, Gatwick Diamond, Lewes and West Sussex.

Our Position Statements

These Position Statements have been created and endorsed by the CWS
Partnership Board to help galvanize our actions on key issues that impact on
the coastal economy:

Skills & Workforce

Planning for Growth

Gatwick Airport


Connected Coast

Our Priority Themes and Guiding Principles

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership is a business-led partnership that will use its individual and collective talents and knowledge to take actions where it can to make a difference to the local economy. Its actions will be driven by eleven guiding principles under four priority themes:

Priority Theme 1:

Building Business Confidence

  • Businesses leaders must be confident to invest, expand and grow their operations within Coastal West Sussex and help to identify and support new entrepreneurs from within the area.
  • Business leaders must champion investment decisions across Coastal West Sussex, including those to and from London and other accessible economic centres, where there is clear evidence that decisions will impact positively on economic growth, job creation, employment space and housing.
  • There must be a coordinated and positive approach to marketing Coastal West Sussex to encourage large and small businesses to invest in the area, whilst celebrating its cultural and creative offer.

Priority Theme 3:

Improving Workforce Skills

  • Business leaders must work collaboratively and build connections with schools, Further Education and Higher Education institutions to develop relevant education and skills programmes, and employment pathways for young people and adults alike.
  • All private and public businesses should commit to providing careers and employment advice, apprenticeship, internship and skills development opportunities for people across Coastal West Sussex.

Priority Theme 2:

Improving Connectivity and Investing in Infrastructure

  • All key business zones across Coastal West Sussex must have access to ultrafast broadband connectivity to support innovation, creativity and business location decisions.
  • There must be a healthy supply of first class business accommodation, which is essential to meet the needs of new inward investors and businesses wishing to expand in Coastal West Sussex.
  • The foundations for economic growth must build on the unique assets of Coastal West Sussex and its component parts whilst complementing those of neighbouring areas.
  • Support investment into key infrastructure that improves connectivity across CWS to Brighton, Portsmouth and north to Gatwick and London

Priority Theme 4:

Providing Homes & Employment Space

  • Business leaders must champion the need to provide additional homes across Coastal West Sussex but not at the expense of losing prime business space.
  • All new housing developments should include an appropriate element of homes that, considering the Coastal West Sussex average salaries, will be affordable for the local workforce.

We will be a strong voice for Coastal West Sussex, adding value where we can and focusing on specific interventions and actions that will make a tangible difference to the Coastal West Sussex economy

Kirk Brown

Former Chair, CWS Partnership, Site Director GSK, Worthing

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