Making best use of land, property and infrastructure to support a robust and sustainable community

Making living and working better

Quality, affordable housing, employment sites and better infrastructure will promote sustainable economic growth. Local studies have emphasised the importance of providing the right mix of homes that are well served by communications infrastructure and which are close to where people work.

With the Government having such a strong focus on house building, the space our businesses need to start and grow can get overlooked.  The Coastal West Sussex Partnership continues to champion for the provision of high quality industrial space to support our growing businesses.

SHW, is an independent property real estate advisory business recently reviewed the current trends and availability of commercial industrial and office space in our area.  The report can be seen below: 

Number of new homes required for Coastal West Sussex by 2025


Considering the strategic issues to achieving long term sustainable growth…

In 2014, Nathan Lichfield & Partners were commissioned to produce 3 reports that gave partners a better understanding of the wider economic geography that focused on:

  • The Housing Market
  • The Economy – across Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton
  • The Transport System



Households with access to superfast broadband by 2020