Webinar Series 2020-21

Each year the CWS Partnership hosts a number of events and webinars that bring together a range of subject matter experts, Local Government politicians and MP’s. 

If you want to look back at some of our events they can be found below.  Please also sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with new events.

Coastal West Sussex Presents: The Race to Net Zero – ways your business can help and prosper

Friday 22 October 2021

The impact of climate change is being felt the world over. From record-setting temperatures to extreme weather events, the time for businesses to take action is now. Customers and investors are becoming more conscious of their spending, resulting in more pressure on businesses to set net-zero targets and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Join us for this enlightening conversation to explore what more you can do to reduce your businesses impact on the environment and capitalise on rapidly growing markets for low carbon, green solutions.

The Coastal West Sussex Partnership has brought together some of the leading voices in environmental issues and business to educate and answer questions. Through coming together as a community, we can create tangible change and generate a unified response to reduce our environmental impact at both national and local levels.

We will be joined by a wide-ranging set of experts, including: 

Chaired by: James Dempster, Fox & Bear | Hosted by PLATF9RM


The chat from the event & linked resources can be found HERE.


Coastal West Sussex Partnerships & University of Chichester Present: management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Are you looking to improve the productivity of your business, build long term resilience and sustainability? Then a management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) could be the tool to help deliver this kind of transformation for your business.

By connecting with a top UK business school, mKTP’s will help you adapt expertise to bring about people-focused, strategic change to help your business succeed. Together, the Coastal West Sussex Partnership and the University of Chichester hosted this practical and informative meeting introducing mKTP’s; hear how other businesses have implemented mKTP’s and learn how this type of programme can benefit your business.

You will hear from:

– Prof David Cooper, Head of Business School, University of Chichester
– Terry Corner, SE Knowledge Transfer Adviser
– Graeme Wolford, MD Judge Sampson LTD who is currently part of the mKTP programme

Following the first lockdown, the Coastal West Sussex Partnership – in partnership with PLATF9RM – have held a series of webinars. See the series below:



Coastal West Sussex Partnership Presents

Better Together: Kick-Starting The Coastal Economy 

Produced by PLATF9RM

Wednesday 15 July | 3:00 – 4:30PM

As the lockdown measures started to ease, it was time to start thinking about restarting the economy here on the West Sussex coast. In a brand new series of webinars brought to you by the Coastal West Sussex Partnership, we began discussing how the business community and the public sector can work together to get our economy moving again, and what changes we can make now to ensure the area sees long-term benefits. 

Our select panel of influencers from both the private sector and local authorities included:






Coastal West Sussex Partnership Presents

Better Together: Rebuilding The Workforce Of The Future

Produced by PLATF9RM

Thursday 12th November | 3:30 – 4:45pm

For many companies and employers, the future of their workforce is unclear. Whether they are considering redundancies, longer periods of remote working or utilising new government initiatives, the weight of decision making can feel vast and overwhelming for any employer.

In this webinar, we discuss the best ways to manage remote teams to ensure you’re taking care of your team’s wellbeing, how to engage with a workforce looking for more flexibility and agility, and understanding the legal implications of what working from home can bring for the employer.

We also look into how the crisis has affected young people, and what can be done to help as well as taking a look at the new government incentives to employ younger workers, the benefits of taking on apprentices and how these schemes could help your business.

Our select panel of influencer includes:

Coastal West Sussex Partnership Presents

Better Together: Working Together to Address the Skills Challenge

Produced by PLATF9RM

Friday 29 January | 13:00 – 14:30PM

It is evident that the impact of the pandemic and lockdowns over the last few months has exacerbated the skills challenge across our region,  particularly on the younger workforce.  Through our collective experience and the lessons of 2020, we should now start to think about action and solutions to improve the opportunities for our residents. 

For our next webinar, Working Together to Address the Skills Challenge, we’ll be discussing and designing solutions to address the skills challenge.

We’ll be hearing from Fiona Aldridge, Director of Policy and Research at the Learning & Work Institute, who will be presenting research on the labour force with specific reference to the coastal economy. We’ll be welcoming Gillian Keegan, Chichester’s MP and Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, who will be responding to the research and informing us on current government responses to these challenges. 

This is a unique opportunity to collaborate as a community to develop the solutions needed to tackle the skills gap.

Joining our speakers will be influential leaders from business and education who will be helping shape solutions to address the issues around employment and education and simplifying the initiatives available to employers. 

Our select panel of leaders are: 

  • Frances Rutter – Principal and CEO of NESCOT and Chair of the Skills 360 Board, 
  • Jeremy Pardey – Director of Butlins Resort, Bognor Regis
  • Richard Hopkins, MD of Fargro and President of the West Sussex Growers Association 
  • Professor David Cooper, Professor of Management and Economic Development at the University of Chichester