Entrepreneurs and business owners in Coastal West Sussex can benefit from another round of Be the Business grants and events. The support programme is aimed at those who are considering launching a business,start-ups and existing businesses that have reached a barrier to further growth and to support creation or safeguarding of jobs.

The scheme was launched by West Sussex County Council in 2013 and it has proved such a success that a further round of start and grow grants are now available.

Be the Business have a pot of £60,000 to help businesses to start-up and grow in West Sussex. The maximum amount of grant that can be requested for any individual project is £25,000. The maximum amount that can be requested for any sector project submitted in consortium is £75,000.

50% of the funding available will be dedicated to specific sectors these are-

  • Manufacturing, particularly linked to healthcare, aviation or marine industry
  • Low carbon and renewable technologies
  • Tourism and local food
  • Care
  • Land based businesses

The remaining 50% of the fund will be open to applications from all sectors.

Deadline for application submissions is 15th September 2014 at 5pm, to find out more information about the funding opportunities and application process please click here.

As part of the programme also a variety of free useful events including enterprise road shows, business start up boot camps, peer to peer business workgroups and one-to-one business advice sessions are also available. Attendees will be able to gain advice about dealing with challenges, developing business ideas and stimulating growth. To find out more about these events please click here.

For more information on the Be the Business Programme please visit: www.bethebusiness.org