CWS Partnership recognised as a Coastal Community Team

 The CWS Partnership has been recognised as a Coastal Community Team by the Department for Communities and Local Government. CWS is now set to receive £10,000 of government funding to develop an economic plan to bring further investment into our local area. The Partnership will be able to use the funding to help bring jobs, growth and prosperity to these areas.

 On 17th July 2015 Coastal Communities Minister Mark Francois gave his support to CWS and 103 other new teams that will help revive England’s seaside towns and decide where investment goes. The government has provided more than £1 million to fund these new Coastal Community Teams, on top of 12 existing pilots.

 Coastal Communities Minister Mark Francois said: “This one nation government is determined to devolve powers and funding so that no corner of the country is left behind. This includes our historic coastal towns and cities that have in some cases fallen into decline in the past but can now ensure that the economic recovery is coming back to them too.”

 Along with CWS being awarded £10,000 to kick-start regeneration work, the Coastal Community Team will also be able to bid for up to a £50,000 share of a new £3 million Coastal Revival Fund to support or restore local heritage and facilities which benefit the wider community and the surrounding economy.