Arun District Council recently approved, for public consultation, a Draft Local Development Order (LDO) for Enterprise Bognor Regis. The document outlines plans for the employment park which would create many new job opportunities for people across Coastal West Sussex. It is now the subject of an eight-week period of formal public consultation which began on Thursday 23rd July and ends on Thursday 10th September 2015.

 The LDO focuses on development opportunities on land adjacent to the A29, at Bognor Regis. The 22.9 hectare site covers three separate land parcels – Salt Box, Rowan Park and Oldlands Farm. The Council wishes to bring forward and facilitate early development of these sites through the LDO, which removes the need for planning permission for new business related development within the sites.

 The objective if the LDO is to foster economic growth and provide the opportunity for the development of preferred employment uses to benefit from an accelerated and simplified planning process, created by the LDO, and an attendant reduction in planning fees.

 A copy of the draft order, a plan of the area, and a statement of the Council’s reasons for making the order are all available on the Council’s website at

 Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposed local development order can email