In the Coastal West Sussex Partnership region, there are over 1,030 enterprises, employing almost 5,000 residents. Since 2010, businesses forming in the marine activities sector within Coastal West Sussex have increased by 5.9%.

Its coastal location makes Coastal West Sussex a great location for marine related activities, stretching from engineering businesses to port-related activities and those more closely associated with leisure and recreation.

Shoreham Port is one of the UK’s most successful and best equipped cargo ports and is a major attraction for businesses that transport goods around the world.

Parker Steel recently invested £10million in their steel processing plant to the Port, creating up to 200 jobs.

Chichester Marina is one of the best-equipped marinas on the south coast and has berths for well over 2000 seagoing yachts/motorboats, supporting a wide range of marine services businesses, including boatbuilders, brokers & agents, engineers and sailmakers.

Littlehampton Harbour handles over 33,000 tonnes of bulk cargo each year and has a thriving sailing community.  It is a premier port in the UK for sea fishing trips and has a busy inshore commercial fleet.

MG Duff is one of the largest suppliers of systems and services to the marine market in the UK and throughout the world, providing sacrificial anodes and impressed current cathodic protection systems.

OceanAir, Selsey, Chichester is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of marine blinds, shades and soft furnishings.

“Our region is fantastic for marine related activities,” Caroline Wood, Director of Coastal West Sussex Partnership explains.

“We have a plethora of businesses, ranging from engineering to port-based  and leisure services who thrive in Coastal West Sussex, and as figures have increased substantially over the last few years, it’s likely that marine-related businesses will continue to rise.”

If you are already doing business in West Sussex, or are based elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can help you. From setting up a new operation, to relocating the business, or starting a new enterprise, we will work with you to understand your business requirements, and help connect you to the right contacts and opportunities.

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